Training Seminars for Private Industry or Counsel :

For Private Industry :

Steven Maxwell Drug Recognition Expert Consulting is please to work with private industry clients who wish to train all levels of staff to detect signs and symptoms of impairment in the workplace. Two different types of training programs are available.

  1. All staffing levels training that deals with recognizing typical signs and symptoms of impairment in the workplace. This training runs a half day and includes information on the seven recognized drug categories, a new definition of what a drug is, how to properly document signs and symptoms of impairment and, most importantly, how can an employer or employee determine whether or not they have reasonable suspicions that an individual is "fit for duty" today.
  2. Field Impairment Testing (FIT) training which runs 2 full days is intended to be used in cases where reasonable suspicion as to an individual's fitness for duty has been established. FIT enables us, by none invasive means, to establish through scientifically validated testing that the suspected individual is actually exhibiting divided attention impairment at the present moment. FIT is intended for front line supervisors/managers/union/HR/team leads etc. FIT can be used to establish in a non-biased fashion, reasonable grounds or probable cause to request that an employee submit to other presumptive drug testing depending on individual corporate policies.

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For Counsel :

We're pleased to offer on-site group training seminars to help counsel, client groups or other individuals understand the Drug Recognition Expert "DRE" process and what subjects experience both pre-and-post-arrest; an overview of each of the twelve steps will be provided. An overview of the seven recognized drug categories and related psychophysical effects will also be discussed. Apart from alcohol, a central nervous system depressant, how do other categories of drugs impair driving ability? This may be the best 2-3 hours of training you’ll ever invest in. Let us help you understand, book a group training seminar today!